Culture Meets Strategy

Our aim is to provide consultation with both the head and the heart, where people are at the centre of change and organizations. That’s why we custom design our solutions individually for the client, taking into account both strategy AND Culture.

Our Areas of Consultancy

  • People

    When coaching individuals, we discover and develop resources for thinking, feeling and behaviour. This develops the individual’s ability to act and their interpersonal skills, while also promoting self-reflection. Together we establish targets and regularly discuss the development progress.

  • Organizations

    We design effective processes for companies and organizational units, which can significantly improve content orientation, cooperation and performance. We analyze customer and management specific relationships to find potential for improvement.

  • Projects

    Together with the client, we develop the project objectives – from business procedures and management aspects, to personal goals. And we analyse their impact on the management and staff, on the organizational form and the customers, suggesting content and methodology for successful dialogue.

Advising people

In individual coaching, we focus on discovering and developing resources for thinking, feeling and behaviour, in order to build on the individual’s ability to act, their interpersonal skills and independence. As well as enhancing the quality of communication and attainment, the ability to self-reflect also improves as self-confidence grows. Together with the individual, we develop targets and procedures, and regularly discuss real life examples of the progress made in finding solutions and developing.

Specific professional coaching (e.g. for management skills or project management) gives managers or project leaders the chance to purposefully develop their specific professional role requirements and their expertise; they can overcome their own hurdles and thus achieve perform better when their internal energy is balanced.


Advising a lawyer who wants to be more confident in the organization when contributing her own ideas and concepts. In coaching, she develops a new, positive attitude towards her creative ideas and learns to actively make her voice heard within the company.


Advising a department manager who wants to take his life balance into consideration when making a career move. In coaching, he learns to distance himself from unrealistic demands and to actively delegate tasks to his staff.


Advising a manager who has just been promoted to the top managerial level and wants to make a good start in his new role. Within the two months of coaching, he had developed a new, future-oriented range of tasks with an organizational chart for his sector, taken his first steps to get buy-in from his new management team, and designed the dialogue with his staff.

Advising Organisations

We design processes to significantly improve content orientation, cooperation and performance within a company or organizational unit. We analyze various aspects and relationships – customer-specific, leadership and relationship-specific, and we provide a high degree of identification with the customer content and the people involved.

We can work particularly effectively and successfully when decision-makers and managers are also willing to recognize their own potential for improvement – and for this to be clearly evident to their staff. For the demands of management cooperation, we develop activities such as interactive conferences, workshops, rounds of dialogue, and experience exchanges.


The management of a company wants to agree on a common understanding of leadership, as significant differences in leadership styles have led to increased dissatisfaction and absent days. With our support, all were able to agree on the leadership principles. Individual coaching and regular exchange are in place to support the implementation process. One year later, the employee survey confirms the significant progress made.


The management of a rapidly growing company wants to improve the distribution of tasks and bolster leadership skills, in order to significantly increase employee satisfaction. We first clarify the mission of the management, then work with all executives on a new model for task distribution and management principles, organizing dialogue sessions between management and staff, and coaching new or uncertain managers.


The head of a legal department was looking for a way to even out the wide variation in his staff’s performance standards and results. In analysis interviews, we ascertain that the main cause is a hidden conflict between individuals. We encourage a process of conflict resolution, which initially alleviates the situation in the department. However, after three years the same conflict will again emerge.

Project Consultancy

Project work involves special commitment to targets, and in our experience, leading a project is often carried out under difficult conditions. Why? The pressure of time, cost or results is significantly greater than in normal everyday life, and, at the same time, there aren’t many classical hierarchical options for leadership and decision-making power. So right from the start, we work with the client on the specialist technical/procedural targets, as well as management and personal project targets. We analyse their impact on the management and staff, on the organizational form and the customers, suggesting content and methodology for successful dialogue. We plan, steer and reflect targeted activities, such as workshops, special events, and communication.


A service company is to be integrated into the parent company. The employees would prefer to remain in their service unit, and for some managers the plan means a step backwards in their career. There is a general air of confusion, and a great risk of key employees leaving the company. Together with the management of the service company and the group executive committee, we design a joint pathway and a common message. We ensure that the ex-managers are dealt with fairly, and offer staff lots of opportunities to discuss their worries and reservations with top management. Solutions are found to many of the problems. The re-integration succeeds in just five months; the key employees stay with the company, and the new leadership can start on the right foot.


After a merger, two IT departments are to be combined and the IT applications harmonized. It turns out that the formal reorganization doesn’t actually yield collaborative work, and the diversity of IT applications hasn’t been reduced. In fact, costs have increased and IT stability remains precarious. We advise the program director on all topics related to the changes involved in this major four-year project. This leads to dialogue with IT customers, facilitates coordinated project management work, and supports an exchange between the two sides on an equal footing.

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