International TA Practitioner Class

You are working with a range of different people, whether as a consultant, coach, trainer, manager, or in personnel development. The quality of your contacts accounts for a good portion of your professional enjoyment and success. You’re looking for personal and professional growth. You want to enhance your skillset for dealing with yourself and others. Our TA consultancy training provides you with space for development. As part of an international learning group, you will explore internal maps, resources, opportunities for change and development, and expand your professional potential.

TA in Theory and in your Practise

This three-year, part-time training course provides a deep insight into the concepts of Transactional Analysis. In addition to the theoretical considerations, we will focus our attention on the application and usability within your own professional practice. You may, for example, focus on researching your own role in the system, so that you can adequately fill that role; on working together collaboratively and productively; on conducting conversations effectively; moderating conflicts and implementing constructive solutions, or developing creative problem solving. Your learning experience is intensified through improved self-understanding.


help us understand the inner experience of individuals,
how people (and groups) communicate, and, where
appropriate, how to discover effective alternatives.


is discussed in the context of personality analysis,
relationship analysis, analysis of group dynamics,
and analysis of social systems.


Each person is OK, can think and develop.
Fundamentally, everyone has the ability to shape
their life constructively and find solutions to problems.

Co-creative Learning Space

What our learning space consist of: respectful, inquisitive coexistence, commitment to relationships, encouragement to learn, protection enabling space, responsible usage of resources. We believe that learning is a joint process. The framework is shaped by the circumstances, location, and curriculum, but is filled with life by the participants. The methodological diversity addresses a range of learning needs.


Through reflection of the group process in
each module, we are able to train TA in a way that can
be experienced, using this reflection for our
development as a learning community.


You are invited to join the group in your
own way, which allows you to be responsible
for your thinking, feeling and behaviour.


Through exercises that train mindfulness,
we become attentive to what the body is telling
us about our abilities and our limitations.

At a glance




new group starts 24.-25. May 2019


3 years

6 x 2-day workshops

Group size

12 participants at the max.


Fri 10:00 to Sat 17:00


101 course

preliminary personal meeting


German with English modules (translation on request)


Nicole Kabisch


Fee per Workshop

425 €

plus VAT, price includes VAT for private customers

Julian SchümannInternational TA Practitioner Class