International TA Master Class

You would like to broaden your TA knowledge and cap your training with the CTA-C certification (Certified Transactional Analyst in the field of Counselling). We will gladly accompany you on your path with our international Master Class, where you can benefit from the varied perspectives and international voices. We are at your side as reliable, committed companions and reference points. We look forward to shaping this path together with you.

Advanced training plus exam preparation

In the workshops, we delve deeper into TA theory along the topics you bring from your professional practise. We offer supervision regarding your concerns, and conduct audio supervision as preparation for your oral exam. We support you in selecting the project / case for your written exam, and reflect on the status of your work. In the master class, trainees from other groups can take their practise oral exam (mock exam).


Explore and define what makes you consistent and authentic as a transactional analyst – in your professional field.


Build trust in your own expertise to ensure
continuity and coherence as a professional user.


Cherish the personal environment, with all its highs, lows, sunshine, challenges and unexplored crannies.

Discovery Room

In Master-Class it’s about learning and growing, whilst also focusing and refining. As experience shows, the process of preparing for the examination is an intensive and stimulating path of exploration and research. We accompany you along the way and look forward to your development. Our heartfelt desire is to actively enable growth and finally take leave in good heart.


Come together and harvest the shared experiences.
At the same time, consciously experience new things
and embed these into the existing image.


Conceptualisation training: Formulating perception, hypotheses, interventions, and effectiveness – in precise TA terms


Development is the result of stimulating contact;
together with your master class colleagues,
you will shape your path.

At a glance




on request


2 years

app. 9 Workshops – each 2 days

Group size

4 – 8 participants


Fri 10:00 to Sat 16:00


3 years

TA Practitioner Class or comparable TA Training, personal meeting


English (German group on request)


Nicole Kabisch

PTSTA-C and colleagues


450 €

plus VAT per Workshop, price includes VAT for private customers

Julian SchümannInternational TA Master Class