Projects in Sight

Knowledge sharing for project managers

Our working world is becoming ever more dynamic and unpredictable; projects are increasingly complex and demanding. Your experience in the company has become a unique selling point. It’s time to discover new modes of exchange among peers. We provide a cross-company framework for expanding horizons – for mutual gain and collaborative learning.

Your project practice check-up

You know the importance of good planning. You also know the surprises that everyday project life can throw up. You are in high demand for the company’s trickier projects. Where can you share your experiences with like-minded peers, benefit from other views, and talk about new perspectives and approaches in project management? How can you learn about the new approaches that others are trialling – without any sugarcoating – just the practical pros and cons?


is on everyone’s lips. But what’s actually useful
in your projects and what’s not?


Managing projects means managing people.
What are the challenges?


Projects are considered within the context of
the organization. What factors are you faced
with in your project work?

Co-creative working space

We provide a setting with like-minded peers for the topics you bring and the ideas you want to develop further. We want to learn from your experience, issues, questions and specific concerns. These are then used to exchange ideas, develop solutions, and engage with innovation. If necessary, and so desired, we will provide input on proven and modern approaches and models. The group is fixed for one year (3 dates).


Together we create a space where openness
can be embraced in a way that benefits everyone.


allows us to discuss difficult topics, and thus the
learning experience can begin.


Respectful, magnanimous and cooperative
interaction leads to mutual inspiration.

At a glance




for 2018 on request


3 x 1 day


09:00 to 17:00


4 – 6 people with project leadership responsibilities


1,650 €

(€ 550/day) plus VAT.


Andreas Kabisch

Julian SchümannProjects in Sight