TA Supervision

International TA Trainees united

Welcome to this open group! Here, TA learners of different levels meet for multicultural learning – with and from each other. Regular reflection on one’s own professional reality, by means of TA concepts, is a central training component in transactional analysis. You develop an increasingly stable TA reference system and train to take in alternative and fresh perspectives. This develops awareness of your own identity as a practising TA professional.

Development Space for the Curious

Our Supervision workshops offer a space where you can enhance your ability to use TA to reflect on your daily professional life and for your own growth. New perspectives will unfold in exchange with other TA trainees. The content of the Supervision workshops is determined by your concerns and contributions. Supervision does not replace the work on self-awareness, which is encouraged and supported in e.g. a script seminar or therapeutic setting.


Here you might meet familiar faces or people you don’t know. Benefit from the inspiration of new perspectives.


We explicitly agree that our shared experiences and
disclosures shall remain in the supervision space.


We regularly voice the invitation to pause and
to feel what is there, to make contact with the language of our bodies.

TA-live and Preparation for Examination

Here it’s about trying things out, practicing, and reflecting. And if so desired: to prepare for certification. In the morning check-in round, we collect these concerns and arrange them according to energy, motivation and time frame. You will be individually supervised by ourselves, or peer-supervision with subsequent time for reflection. Depending on the issues raised, we will apply the method of cooperative case consultation; the methodological spectrum is rounded off by crisp theory inputs.


Your concerns are the focus here. They are as diverse as
the people in the room. This makes Supervision
Days particularly vibrant and compelling.


Supervision Workshops also provide opportunities
for focussed discussions on theory. Just bring
along your favourite TA model.


Participants supervise each other (peer-supervision).
The subsequent reflection process rounds
off the learning experience.

At a glance




for 2018 on request


2 days

Group size

4 – 8 participants


Mon 10:00 – Tue 16:00


Supervision recognized according to international guidelines (DGTA / EATA)


English (German group on request)


Nicole Kabisch



450 €

plus VAT per Workshop, price includes VAT for private customers

Julian SchümannTA Supervision