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Wasted time! – The Meeting Mania

by Andreas Kabisch on 5. June 2016

The number and duration of meetings is a crucial issue in many companies. Bain & Company recently found that employees in US companies are in meetings for 21 of their 40 hours per week – at least 8 of which were completely unnecessary. We believe that this rate is matched or even exceeded in Germany. The impact on productivity is disastrous for all concerned. Ultimately, the work must be done outside of the meeting! There’s also an important psychological effect: Meetings are one of the key factors that demotivate staff.

We experience first-hand with our customers how frustrating such multi-meeting cultures are for participants – from junior staff to top managers. And we understand that it’s not easy to depart from such a system – otherwise it would happen much sooner, more often, and more drastically. But why can’t this meeting mania simply be stopped or abolished?

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Andreas KabischWasted time! – The Meeting Mania