Transactional Analysis

It provides maps for exploring, investigating and developing individual and organizational landscapes. To overcome limitations and expand horizons. Our TA training provides a multicultural environment. International – in Hamburg. A warm welcome!

Transactional analysis (TA) is an established method of humanistic psychology. It offers concepts for understanding human thinking, feeling and action, and provides us with a constructive approach for dealing with ourselves and others. TA uses everyday language that is easy to understand, so even complex matters can be clearly described. TA is helpful and proven to work in situations which depend on personal contact. Transactional analysts work as consultants and organization developers, in schools and adult education, and as psychotherapists.

Compass for personal-professional development

In 101 you get an overview of development, key concepts, values and approach of TA, as well as how to apply it in a professional context.

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Be part of a multicultural training group and get a deep insight into the concepts and methods of Transactional Analysis.

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You would like to broaden your TA knowledge, expand your competence and cap your training with the CTA-C certification?

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Meeting point for TA trainees of different levels, to widen horizons, to expand competencies, to learn with and from each other.

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Certified Transactional Analyst – Counselling CTA-C

Per the EATA guidelines the examination process (written and oral exam) takes approximately 18 months. As this is an international EATA certificate the oral exam can be done anywhere in the world. Participation in our Master Class flanks the process and it’s recommended to take supervision sessions for support.


  • 750 hours application of TA in your professional practise
  • 600 hours professional training (300 or more in TA)
  • 150 hours of supervision (75 or more with PTSTA/TA-Trainer/TSTA)
  • EATA Membership, exam contract
  • Mock exam

Exam process:

  • Written exam: report of learning experience, TA identity, case study in the application field of counselling, theory discussion along six guiding questions (24.000 words, app 80 pages)
  • Oral exam: Description of your professional field and your specific way of using TA; collegial discussion/questioning about 2-3 audios of your work (app 5 minutes each)

Transactional Consultant

This certification confirms 3 years of professional training in TA. Please not that this is a DGTA certificate (German association of Transactional Analysis) and is not known in other regional associations or EATA.


  • 250 hours of training (e.g. 3 years’ participation in Practitioner Class, 1 supervision workshop)
  • DGTA Membership

Exam documents to be handed in:

  • 10 reports of supervision sessions
  • 10 reports of peer counselling sessions
  • report of your own learning experience
  • Case study, showing your application of TA models (analysis of situation, interventions, process, evaluation)

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