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We feel that we belong to a greater whole, which we would like to help shape sustainably. Our work combines an appreciation of the present with a zest for the new

Nicole Kabisch

I spent the first half of my life searching. In the second half, I discovered my passion for finding; discovering new perspectives that foster development has become passion. I feel at home in multicultural contexts. Here, I experience Transactional Analysis (TA) as a universal map for understanding – on an equal basis. I am interested in people, with all their colours, depths, shallows, flows, downturns, tides, storms and sunny days. All of this flows into the know-how: how to make personal contact, communicate, and develop further. How content, successful and healthy people will be.

As a consultant and coach, it is a pleasure to apply my knowledge, experience and expertise; working with individuals and teams, in their contexts and with their questions, motivations, and goals. Coming together and working cooperatively. Inspired, committed and creative. As an international Trainer and Supervisor for Transactional Analysis (PTSTA-C), I provide a collaborative and creative learning space for personal and professional growth, where both journey and arrival are combined in mindful liveliness.


Thinking outside the box and finding methods, models, and explanations that broaden my horizons and enrich my work. And sharing this knowledge, in active and lively exchange, is always a pleasure.


Nothing is merely the way I see, hear, or feel it. Every person, every group has their own truth. Giving voice to my perceptions and assumptions can often get the ball rolling in standstill situations.


I have a sense for energies, nuances, and feelings. Where appropriate, I will address what seems to be unspeakable. Empathy alongside professional distance.

Andreas Kabisch

Fascination with technology, fun with team sports, a penchant for advocacy in a range of contexts, eloquence, and the joy of theory and its practical implementation – all this has accompanied me since my youth.
After graduating in humanities and social sciences, I was hungry to discover something new, so I went to Italy, working on language and cultural projects. My apprenticeship as an intercultural trainer at the Goethe Institute led me first to Argentina and then back to Germany. This was followed by intensive years of parental leave. In the mid-90s, I started working as a trainer and facilitator, becoming a consultant in 1998.
Along the way I have met great people from different cultures, experienced many shifts of perspective, and shared joy, sorrow, and success. My portfolio of consulting with heart and mind has been built up over time. Today I am able to apply my wide range of experience and expertise to consultations on complex, global projects, for organizations and their leaders: designing and developing realistic and lasting changes.


The good thing about getting older is the ever-increasing wealth of experience gained through learning. I have been greatly enriched by working with my clients, and my own life has also played its part.


A situation is often unknown, a connection unclear, or a subject new. By paying attention to myself and the outside world, I am able to experience and learn new things.


The next step may produce a positive result, but I know that this will not be my doing. However, I and my work can contribute to achieving the breakthrough.

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