Sensitive and persistent

We have empathy for people and their issues, as well as perseverance to make progress in complex structures. We act wisely, directly and honestly, and we don’t attach too much importance to ourselves.

Our Approach

Our consultancy focuses on the balance between various aspects of life and work. A general objective is maintaining or improving the performance of people and organizations. Sustainability is based on the synthesis of personal/management development alongside strategic organizational development. This approach combines the health and resilience of the individual with the sustainability of the organization or company.

You will see that we don’t just jump on the bandwagon, but rather we focus our vigorous curiosity on complex topics and networks of relationship, conflicts and planning uncertainties; in order to achieve shifts of perspective and discover beneficial opportunities.


Our clients are often faced with a seeming mystery: The strategy has been developed, the processes defined, the organization is optimized and the incentive systems are modern. Nevertheless, the company’s figures show no signs of improvement. When we then interview employees and managers, we find little to no evidence of purpose or clarity, but rather sarcasm or even cynicism regarding the strategy, management and performance targets. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” was how this situation was summed up by Peter Drucker more than 20 years ago. It is equally relevant today.

We help our customers to plan and implement strategic impulses in a viable form, matching the specific management and decision-making culture, as well as the company’s ability to manage conflict. This leads to tailor-made solutions, providing measurable value for the customer. We don’t have much time for best-practice approaches; copying something that was once successful somewhere else is seldom effective.


Consultancy means development and growth for individuals and for groups. As we come to terms with the pace of new change initiatives, market and customer pressure, and the omnipresence of digital global networking, the psychological and physical health and resilience of company staff is becoming an ever-more important and pressing issue. In our work, we look to bolster the independence of our clients, offering a range of ways to develop the existing resources in the people and their organizations. Work may only be a part of our lives, but we believe it is crucial to integrate life-balance in the workplace.


Many companies have developed management principles and provide their management trainees with development programs. Nevertheless, practiced and experienced leadership of oneself (as well as entrusted staff members) remains a rare commodity. We help managers – from boardroom level to team leaders – to develop a productive understanding of their own leadership and to practice this in daily life.

This is a complex path for most managers; it can only be traversed through self-clarification, reflection, and willingness for self-control. It includes the capacity for empathy, as well as the emotional readiness to put oneself into the shoes of another to gain better understanding. It requires interest in feedback, the ability to behave constructively in conflicts, decision-making abilities, and perseverance, combined with openness for dialogue – and fun. All this can be developed and enhanced. Hence, leadership is a focus of our consultancy and work.

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