The benefits of heart and mind consultancy

by Andreas Kabisch on 5. June 2016

First the good news: we are all human. And this fact doesn’t alter when we are away from our homes and at work. It’s here, however, that we find the circle that can’t be squared. Many executives and professionals expect everyone at work to simply concentrate on the job at hand – after all, everyone is getting paid to achieve results that contribute to the overall success of the company. While this is true, it is only half the story. If we want to involve our creative and productive energy, then it’s not enough to just use this small piece of the brain. We need our whole body energy, especially our intuition and our heart.

When we work with people, we focus on two relational needs: the need for recognition and mutuality as well as the need for professional and intellectual stimulus. It’s amazing how often we hear “stick to the facts”. The emotional energy must be addressed in order to find good solutions and collaborate creatively.

This harmony of emotional and rational action is increasingly becoming a topic for public discussion; most recently in the September 2015 issue of the Harvard Business Manager (german edition), entitled “Why warm-heartedness is the real strength”. (Source:

Our answer: because people should deal with others respectfully and mindfully.  This is the basis for heart and mind consultancy.

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Andreas KabischThe benefits of heart and mind consultancy

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